Why Our Customers Save with Us

At Knowledge First Financial, our focus is on helping Canadian families save for post-secondary education through RESPs. Thank you to our customers who have shared their experiences on this page. See more reviews


About Knowledge First Financial

Starting September 1, 2017, Knowledge First Financial introduced an ongoing feedback survey to provide a selection of customers with an opportunity to evaluate and comment on our services. The survey is voluntary and no incentives are offered to encourage participation. We appreciate and take all comments seriously. This page has been created to share why our customers choose to save for their child’s education with an RESP from Knowledge First Financial. Customer reviews on this page are published with explicit consent. The survey tool is powered by AskNicely.

At Knowledge First Financial, we are committed to inspiring students to realize life’s possibilities by enabling families to maximize their education savings through RESP Specialists. Since 1965, the company has paid $7.5 billion to customers and students. With $6.0 billion in assets under management, we are Canada’s largest RESP Company with a sole focus on education savings.

Our RESP Specialists meet with Canadians from coast to coast to coast, each and every day. Thanks to their efforts, more families learn about the importance of saving for their children’s future education. The company’s head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario and is staffed by professionals who are equally committed to helping our customers achieve their education savings goals.

Today, we manage over 500,000 RESPs for our customers and each year approximately 60,000 students attend post-secondary with the help of one of our plans.

Knowledge First Financial Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Foundation and is the investment fund manager, administrator and distributor of Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). Knowledge First Foundation is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation with no share capital. The Foundation is therefore able to reinvest net revenues in initiatives that support student success.

For more information about our plans, please visit knowledgefirstfinancial.ca or refer to our prospectus.

Knowledge First Financial® is a registered trademark of Knowledge First Financial Inc.